Federated Micronations of the Musanian Lands

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Political map of the Federated Micronations of the Musanian Lands

Republics of the Federation

The Federated Micronations of the Musanian Lands is a multiethnic and multicultural federation, consisting of the following republics:
  • Balanda Republic
  • Republic of Capricornia
  • Republic of Naquarnia
  • Jamahiriya (Republic) Murwillumbah
  • Dershowo (State of) Musograd with the autonomous Free Port of Kosnice
and two Federally administered territories:
  • Balangrad Capital Territory
  • Territorio Sovrano di Mondeo
All Republics are Sovereign Countries, with their own defense forces.

From 2007 to 2009-10-02, the Federation of Musograd consisted of the following 7 republics:
  • Republic of Naquarnia
  • Jamahiriya (Republic) Murwillumbah
  • Republic of Kosnice (formerly Libertarian Republic)
  • Thylacinian Republic(western part of the former Province)
  • Free Republic of Mohuc and Musograd (RMMA)
  • Goralny Republic
  • Republik Sprijland (de jure Balangrad & northwest part of Balanga Province)
From 2004 - 2006, the Federation consisted of 7 Provinces and one Territory:
  • Autonomous Islamic Province of Naquarnia
  • Autonomous Province of Kosnice
  • Autonomous Province of Thylacinia (formerly Northern Province)
  • Balanga Autonomous Province
  • Free Provinces of Musograd and Mohuc (PMMA)
  • Goralny Autonomous Province
  • Islamic Province of Murwillania
  • Balangrad Capital Territory (since 2005)


Musograd was originally settled by Balanda tribes. Historic evidence of these germanic speaking nomadic tribes appears about 1500 years b.p.. The Balanda languages today are used mostly in the Balanda and east Thylacininan back country. Slavic speaking Musan tribes settled the central plains in the 11th century. At about the same time, Murwillumbah was settled by Jewish traders, which were islamized in the 13th century during the Southern Invasions, forming the unique Murwillian culture in the following centuries. The Musogradian language developed out of the interaction between the Musan (slavic), Balanda (germanic) and Murwillian (germano-semitic) languages. It used to be written in Cyrillic letters, but today in most regions of the Federation, Latin letters are used. The Dershowo Musograd uses both types of letters officially. The English language was adopted by the multiethnic trading port of Kosnice in the late 14th century before it came under the rule of the Musogradian Kingdom. Today it has spread to the Thylacinian coast and is also widely used in other provinces. It is the sole official language in the Republic of Capricornia, which, after leaving the Federation of Musograd in 2006, has become co-founder of the Federated Micronations.

Due to the current political situation, several versions of historic events may exist. Here, the most generally recognized version will be given.

    Chronological History:
    1233First mentioning of the Kingdom of Musograd in "Historia planitiae orientalis"
    1245Incorporation of the City of Murwillumbah
    1340Settlement Charter of the City of Kosnice
    1342Southern Invasions begin
    1355Khalif Akhbar ascends the throne of the Murwillian Califate
    1380Battle of Phulda ends expansion of the Califate
    1394Kosnice adopts English as official language
    1421Religious strife between Mithraists and Christians ends with the Expulsion of the latter
    1423Tolerance and Settlement Contract between the Balanga leaders and the Christian refugees
    1424Foundation of Balangrad and Sv Karul as Contract Settlements
    1449Kosnice accepts the Protectorate of the King of Musograd
    1481Severoport (today Strahan) is founded by the Musogradian Navy
    1499Fortress of Goralnygrad founded by the Musogradian Army
    1504Fortress of Redrok founded by the Musogradian Air Force (formerly Cavalry)
    1561Destruction and incorporation of the Califate into the Kingdom of Musograd
    1788Last independent territories in Naquarnia conquered
    1792The Balanga Kanbarra (tribal assembly) accepts the Protectorate of the King of Musograd
    1813Anticratic Revolution: King Karul XI flees the country
    1814Gen. Lord Azrak crowned as Emperor Azrak I, founding the Empire of Musograd
    1817The Empire is renamed "Empire of Musberg" to accomodate the Balanga tribes
    1820Reorganization is completed with the Charter of Mohuc - all territories become provinces
    1829Founding of the Partije Kommuniste tal' Musograd (PKM)
    1845First railway line Musograd - Mohuc
    1842Emperor Azrak II
    1868Anarchist risings suppressed by Army and Secret Police
    1899Emperor Azrak III
    1918Emperor Azrak IV
    1938Emperor Azrak V - Collaboration Treaty with Germany leads to limited souvereignity
    1983Lord F.I.Dershowo assassinates Azrak V after rumors of planned mass imprisonings "to protect the Imperial Crown from the Emperor"
    1984Constitution of the First Republic ("Respublika tal' Musograd - Republik Musberg")
    1985First postal stamps issued by the Musberg Postal Service
    1986Civil war between Democratic, Nationalist and Communist forces
    May: Declaration of the People's Republic of Musograd ("Narodni Respublika tal' Musograd", NRM).
    Partije Komuniste tal' Musograd (PKM) becomes ruling and only legal party.
    October: The national capital is moved to Kosnice.
    1987December: ASCOM wing of the PKM (Anarcho-Syndicalist Communists) assumes power and radicalizes internal politics. Dissent suppressed by military means.
    1989September: Southern provinces stop supporting the PKM government. A military expedition fails.
    November: Glorious Revolution reinstates monarchy ("Rajakratija tal Musograd") under King ("Raje") Karul XII Capital moved back to Musograd City.
    1990October 3rd: Declaration of Full Independence and Souvereignity
    December: Northern Expeditions. King Karul abdicates after defeat in the battle of Kijel (Severnaja Hulstanja, now Capricornian Republic).
    1991Jan 1st: King Gijorgi I ascends throne
    1992Constitutional Monarchy. Election of 1st People's Congress
    1993February: First Southern Expedition lands at Iron Harbour, Australija. Settlements at the western coast of Australija are founded.
    October: 2nd People's Congress with PMMA (Patriotic Movement for Free Musograd) majority.
    1994Divisional War between leftist (2nd, 3rd) and nationalist (1st, 4th, 5th) army divisions.
    November 2nd: Parramatta Covenant (veto-based military government with focus on colonisation of Australija). Parramatta National Congress declares "Respublika tal Musograd", elects King Michail Tchernikow as leader of the Parramatta National Government ("PNG")
    1996Alliance shift in the PNG leads to expulsion of 1st Division forces, King Tchernikow deposed.
    May 8th: "Musogradij Respublike" declared. "Red Parramatta" government founds Settlement Agency. Nationalist forces withdraw to Kosnice and the Western Swamps.
    19982nd Southern Expedition founds settlements on the Australijan east coast.
    1999Nationalist forces rejoin PNG, are allowed to create a Marine Territorial & Base Force (MTBF) in Kosnice
    2000Cumulated discontent with Red PNG leads to MTBF-lead Nationalist Rising. After fall of Mohuc and advance of nationalist forces, Flagstaff Hill Accord is signed by Red PNG and MTBF leader Gen. F.M. Dershowo.
    April 1st: Gen. Dershowo declared "Lord Commander of Musograd"
    May: Declaration No. 1 stops Australijan Settlement and instigates New Social Policy.
    June: Republican Operational Services (ROS) founded as information service
    Academy of Avionics and Defense founded as state university with M. Chulubeg as president.
    July: Spectacular breakdown of NSP.
    August: Gen. Dershowo dies after gun-cleaning accident (2000.08.03). Gen. W.A. Sheshek declared "Commander General". Settlement policy resumed.
    September: Settlements on Australijan west coast founded by 3rd Southern Expedition.
    2001January: "Dershowo Musograd" (State of Musograd) declared, to honour Gen. F.M.Dershowo.
    March: Gen. Sheshek abdicates, remains Governor of Murwillian Province. Gen. S. Radiq "Commander General".
    May: New Alliance Policy declared
    2002January: 4th Southern Expedition. End of Settlement policy, settlers ("Redfeet") resettled in Northern Province.
    September: Homeland Army ("Armija Krajina") takes control of Musograd City
    2003March: Settler Militia ("Militia tal' Australija", MTA) takes control of Northern Province. N.P. Capital Severoport renamed Strahan, N.P. renamed Thylacinia.
    October: Anarcho-Capitalists ("Libertarian Monetarists - Anarchist Alliance", ) revolt against Kosnice Province government. Kosnice Autonomous Province declared.
    2004January: Constitution of the Federation of Musograd. All but two provinces sign Federation Accord Gen. G. Shabraq elected Secretary of the Federation.
    July: Mohuc & Musograd Provinces sign Federation Accord
    2005April: Federation Capital moved to Balangrad, Balangrad Capital Territory created.
    July: Mohuc & Musograd Provinces create joint "Provinces of Free Musograd and Mohuc" (PMMA).
    October: PMMA forces support Nationalist coup in Goralni Province. Civil war splits province in two.
    December: Armistice between Federation and PMMA forces. "Goralni Jointly Administrated Province" formed.
    2006February: Radical Thylacinian settlers form the "Liberation Army of the Republic of Australia" (LARA)
    March: LARA forces occupy Zeehan and declare the "Australian Military Government - Free Territory of Thylacinia" (AMG-FTT)
    April: Brig. Gen. N. Tosh is elected Governor of the PMMA
    May: Free elections in Goralni JAP. "Dignity and Souvereignity" (DNS) wins majority, PKMN and LMMA less than 20% each.
    The "Settlement Agency", responsible for Australijan settlement policy, is renamed youraustralia and reoriented towards information about Australia.
    June: New Assembly in Goralnigrad accepts new provincial constitution.
    Goralni JAP renamed "Goralni Free Province" (GAP, Goralni Azadna Provincia).
    July: Brig. Gen. N. Tosh appointed Secretary of the Defense Commission of the Federation.
    August 1st: Secession of Balanga Province as "Balanga Respublike". Not much known about internal structure. At the same day, the AMG-FTT Government declares the Republic of Capricornia.
    Balanga forces start attack against Province of Murwillumbah and encircle Quatumbah.
    October 3rd: Gen. Shabraq steps back, Gen N. Tosh elected Secretary of the Federation.
    December: Capricornian forces conquer Strahan. Unstable armistices between Federation and renegade provinces.
    2007January: New constitution: Provinces of the Federation become Republics.
    February 1st: Joint surprise attack against Balangrad by Capricornian and Balanga forces. Balangrad City divided in West Balangrad (occupied by Capricornia) and East Balangrad (occupied by the Balanga Respublike).
    Government of Sprijland flees into exile.
    June: Federation forces recapture parts of Balangrad and Sprijland
    August 1st: Armistice and reciprocal recognition between the Federation and the Republic of Capricornia.
    Federation of Musograd requests admission to the United Micronations.
    2008February: Parts of Balangrad City liberated by surprise offensive
    March: Balangrad City put under Joint Administration (BCJA)
    June/July: Joint Southern Cross Expedition with the Republic of Capricornia
    July: High Represantive of the Federation visits Hutt River Principality and is received by Prince Leonard
    August: Currency Union - Musogradi Dinar (M$) replaced by Common Wallaroo (CW), exchange rate of 475:1.
    October: Economic breakdown in the LR Kosnice. Several Trading Houses are put under Gouvernment control.
    2009January: LR Kosnice put under Federal control
    March: LR Kosnice reorganized and renamed Republic of Kosnice
    June/July: Joint Northern Star expedition with Republic of Capricornia
    July: Foundation of Strana Ludowa Dimokratiska (SLD) by several right wing parties and organisations
    July/August: Plans to create the "Federated Micronations" together with Capricornia and Balanga Respublike are made public
    September 27: Referendums in the Republics of the Federation, the RC and BR on the Federated Micronations plan
    October 3: The Federated Micronations of the Musanian Lands (short: Federal Micronations or FM) are constituted, consisting of the Balanda Republic, the Republic of Capricornia, the Republic of Naquarnia, the Jamahiriya Murwillumbah and the Dershowo Musograd.